Accepted abstracts

In this page all the abstracts that have been accepted are listed, with reference to the oral or poster session they have been placed in. The program listing all the session will be finalized soon.
If your paper is not in this list, there are three possibilities:

  • it was submitted to the Student special session: then its evaluation is available here;
  • it was moved to complete invited sessions: it will appear in the papers listed here;
  • it was rejected: we are very sorry, but the technical Committee did not evaluate your abstract suitable for the conference.

# Authors Title Country Session
7 Wenfu Peng, Jingfeng Zhao, Jieming Zhou, Zhengwei He Dynamical detection on urban sprawl based on EO data China POSTER 2
10 Yongjiu Feng, Miaolong Liu, Xiaohua Tong Calibrating Cellular Automata for Urban Development Modelling Using Kernel Principal Component Analysis China URS-6
11 Man Sing Wong, Janet Nichol The Urban Heat Island in Hong Kong: causative factors and scenario analysis Hong Kong URS-8
13 LU Xia, HU Zhenqi The Quantitative Estimation of Periurban Vegetation Ecology Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing China POSTER 2
17 Victor Mesev Exploring the temporal lag between urban structure and function USA URS-10
28 Markus Breunig, Hannes Taubenböck and Achim Roth Changing urbanity in Istanbul - Analysis of megacity developments using synergistic potentials of multi-temporal SAR and optical data Germany POSTER 2
30 He Dan, Cai Jianming,  Zhou Jing Research on Urban Land Expansion and Driving Forces Comparing Beijing and Tianjin China POSTER 2
31 ZHU Qing-wei, GUO Da-zhi A New Method on Information Acquiring of Urban Land Use China POSTER 1
34 WangLiying, Song Weidong A review of range image registration methods with accuracy evaluation China URB-1
35 Shouzhen Liang, Ping SHI Analysis of the relationship between heat island effect and vegetation cover through Landsat ETM+:a case study of Shenyang China POSTER 2
36 Huang Huiping, Zhao Jingjing The Method and Applications of Remote Sensing in Urban Building Heating-loss Monitoring China POSTER 2
40 Wang Feng, Wu Yundong, Zhang Qiang UAV Borne Real-time Road Mapping System China POSTER 1
41 Katrin Hannemann, Ellen Banzhaf, Henrique Ll Roig Characterising the phenomenon of water scarcity in the fast growing federal district of Brasilia Germany POSTER 2
42 Ellen Banzhaf, Annegret Kindler Socio-demographic analysis in the  highly dynamic metropolitan region of Santiago de Chile with high resolution images and statistical data Germany URS-10
48 Dengsheng Lu, Emilio Moran Monitoring Urbanization Based on Extracted Impervious Surface Images Using Multitemporal Quickbird Images in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso, Brazil USA URB-3
50 He Dan Cai Jianming  Zhou Jing The Analysis of Land Use Dynamic Change and Driving forces  in the Olympic Village Periphery Area China POSTER 2
51 Chen Ke  Zhang Bao-ming   XIE Ming-xia Based on Fuzzy Bayes Decision Rules Change Detection Approach of Remote Sensing Images China POSTER 1
59 Kang TingJun, Zhang XinChang, Wang HaiYing,Yao jing Dynamic Monitoring of Built-up Area in Fuxin during 1998-2006 Based on Remote Sensed Images China POSTER 2
60 Adrian Barbu and Razvan Ionasec Boosting Cross-Modality Image Registration USA POSTER 1
61 Martino Pesaresi, Andrea Gerhardinger Enhancing the discrimination accuracy of the built-up index in semi-desert areas with scattered vegetation – the Al Geneina case Italy URB-2
62 Wang Zhongwu, Zhao Zhongming Selecting Observations using SVM for Multivariate Regression of MS+PAN Fusion Algorithm China URB-8
64 Chunyan Zhou, Qinhuo Liu, Lin Sun Air Quality Assessment for Beijing City by Retrieving Aerosol Optical Thickness from HJ-1A/B Images Using Structure Function Method China POSTER 2
65 Xiangguo Lin, Zhengjun Liu, Jixian Zhang, Jing Shen Semi-automatic road tracking by template matching and distance transformation in urban areas China URB-10
70 Colin THOMAS, Stéphanie DOZ, Xavier BRIOTTET, Richard SANTER, Sophie LACHERADE ,Didier BOLDO, Sandrine MATHIEU Remote sensing of aerosols in urban areas: sun/shadow retrieval procedure from airborne very high spatial resolution images France URB-6
72 Jun Wang, Weimin Ju, Manchun Li Characterizing urban growth of Nanjing, China, by using multi-stage remote sensing images and landscape metrics China POSTER 1
76 Lin Zhu, Hideki Shimamura, Kikuo Tachibana, Zhen Liu and Peng Gong Building Change Detection Using Aerial Images and Existing 3D Data China, USA, Japan POSTER 1
80 Chen Quanliang,Ren Jingxuan, Liu Xiaoran, Ni Changjian Urban heat island effect change in Chengdu city China POSTER 2
81 YANG Jian, ZHAO Zhongming A New Image Feature Point Detection Method Based on Log-Gabor Gradient Feature China POSTER 1
83 Roger Xandri, Vicenç Palà, Fernando Pérez & Roman Arbiol Seamless Automatic Mosaicking for True Orthoimage Generation on Urban Areas Spain POSTER 1
85 Zhaohui Yang, Yingying Chen, Ming Yuan,  Xinqiang Qia Automatic Recognition of Man-made Objects in SAR Images Using Support Vector Machines China POSTER 1
89 Wang Xiaojun, Meng Changzhen, Yan Shusheng, Wu Yonghui, Wang Helei Fast Evaluation for Speckle Feature in Urban SAR Images China POSTER 1
90 Wang XiaojunMeng Changzhen, Xu Ge Road Edges Extraction in Urban Synthetic Aperture Radar Images China POSTER 1
91 LIU Lei, ZHUANG Da-fang, ZHOU Jun, QIU Dong-sheng, LUO Bin Spatial-temporal Characteristics of Siping Urban Expansion Based on Remote Sensing and GIS China URS-2
92 Huifang Zhang, Runhe Shi, Honglin Zhong, Peiqing Qu, Sun Juan Improvement of MODIS 8-Day LAI/FPAR Product with Temporal Filters to Generate High Quality Time-series Product China POSTER-2
94 Jianxin Wei, Fujiang Liu, Linlu Mei, Guoping Wu, Jinping Shi ,Yan Guo Aerosol optical thickness retrieval using mathematical statistics method based on 6S model China POSTER 2
96 Guoyin Cai and Mingyi Du Relationship between thermal inertia and urban heat sink China POSTER 2
97 Mingyi Du, Guoyin Cai and Weixian Sun Temporal and Spatial Variations of Urban Heat Island Effect in Beijing Using ASTER and TM Data china POSTER 2
100 Zhiwei Ye, Huili Gong , Wenji Zhao Subpixel Urban Area Thermal Pattern Analysis Using ASTER and SPOT-5 China URB-9
103 Libin Zhou and Xiaojun Yang Assessment of Training Algorithms for Urban Land Cover Classification by Neural Networks USA URB-7
105 LIU Hong-qi, GONG Hui-li, HU Zhuo-we Ecological Environment Regionalization of Beijing: RS & GIS Application Research China POSTER 2
107 Shanyou Zhu, Guixin Zhang, Jian Chen Study on urban heat island of Shanghai by using multi-temporal remote sensing data and air temperature data China POSTER 2
111 Jianbo Hu, Wei Chen, Xiaoyu Li ,Xingyuan He A haze removal module for mutlispectral satellite imagery China URB-5
112 ZHANG Jiahua, YAO Fengmei The characteristic of urban heat island variation in Beijing urban areas and its impact factors China POSTER 2
114 Jun Zhang A Study on Automated Image Registration Based on Straight Line Features China POSTER 1
119 PAN Chen, DU Peijun, LIN Yin, CHEN Yingying Synthetic analysis of urban landscape pattern and environmental impact based on Remote Sensing China POSTER 2
120 Zhe Jiang, Liangfu Chen, Xingfa Gu, Liangming Liu, Xinyi Dong Study on the Retrieval of MODIS 1×1- km2 Resolution Aerosol Optical Thickness by Extended Dark Object Method and V5.2 Algorithm over some areas of Beijing China POSTER 2
121 Hong Tang and Ruying Cao Detecting Collapsed Houses in Earthquake Using Interpretation Error of Latent Semantic Analysis Model China URB-1
122 H. Taubenböck, M. Wurm, N. Setiadi, N. Gebert, A. Roth, J. Birkmann & S. Dech Integrating Remote Sensing and Social Science - The correlation of urban morphology with socioeconomic parameters Germany URS-10
125 Duan Fuzhou, Gong Huili, Zhao Wenji, Li Xiaojuan Building collapsed Automaticly Identificated Based on texture changes of post-earthquake aerial remote sensing image China POSTER 1
128 Ying Zhang, Bert Guindon, Lixin Sun and Krista Sun Challenges in Creating Consistent EO Records of Urban Growth Canada POSTER 2
129 Yi Wang, Niu Ruiqing, Xin Yu Hyperspectral Urban Remote Sensing Image Smoothing and Enhancement Using Forward-and-Backward Diffusion China POSTER 1
133 Yindi Zhao, Minguang Li, Peijun Du Feature-Based Geometric Registration of High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery China POSTER 1
136 XU Hui-xi, DAN Shang-ming, DAN Bo An Analysis of Day-and-night Characteristics of Urban Heat Island Effects in Chengdu City Based on NOAA/AVHRR in Winter China POSTER 2
138 Pei Liang, Wang Lili The Analysis of LUCC and Its Drive Factors Based on RS and GIS China POSTER 2
145 DAN Shang-ming, XU Hui-xi, DAN Bo, XUE Wan-rong, LI Hao Comparative Analysis of Urban Heat Island Effects in Medium-sized Cities in Chengdu Plain Based on NOAA/AVHRR China POSTER 2
146 JIANG Tao,CHEN Chao Research on an ameliorative remote sensing image fusion method based on the second-generation Curvelet transform China POSTER 1
149 Jiangdong CAI Analysis of fractal and multifractal characteristics of satellite image of two cities China POSTER 1
153 WANG Guang-hui, ZHANG Shu-bi, TANG Xin-ming, LI Can-hai, Tian Jiao-jiao, Tian Juan An algorithm of parameters adaptive scale-invariant feature for Multi-source Remote Sensing Image High Precision Matching China POSTER 1
163 Qulin Tan, Jinfei Wang, Qingchao Wei, Songlin Yang Evaluation of urban road vehicle detection from high resolution remote sensing imagery using object-oriented method China, Canada URB-10
164 Steffen Kuntz, Bernd Scheuchl & Ralf Duering Rapid Mapping of Infrastructure in Maowen and Beichuan Counties after the May 2008 Earthquake Germany POSTER 1
170 Jie Lv, Xiangnan Liu Sub-pixel mapping of urban green space using multiple endmember spectral mixture analysis of EO-1 Hyperion data China URB-9
171 Liu Jun, Wang Donghong, Wen Jiang Geopositioning of ADS40 Three Line Images for Large Scale Mapping China POSTER 1
172 XU Wen-xue, KANG Zhi-zhong, JIANG Tao A Segmentation Approach for Terrestrial Point Clouds based on the Integration of Graph Theory and Region Growing China POSTER 1
173 Pang Lei, Fan Hongdong, Wei Jujie Three-dimension Information Extracting from High Resolution Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Images China POSTER 1
176 Samia MASSOUT, Youcef SMARA & Nadia OUARAB Comparison of satellite image fusion by morphological pyramid and by high pass filtering applied to urban and peri urban areas Algeria POSTER 1
177 Chen Rong, Cao Yongfeng, Sun Hong A modified method for relevance feedback in high-resolution SAR image retrieval system based on SVM China POSTER 1
181 Wang Chengyi, Zhao Zhongming, Meng Yu Land cover change detection based on multi-temporal Spot5 imagery China URB-3
185 Zheng GUO, Hong JIANG, Jian CHEN, Miaomiao CHENG, Zishan JIANG, Bin WANG The relationship between atmosphere SO2 column density and land use based on remote sensing China POSTER 2
188 Fan Qiang , Wang Na The Study for Transformation Development of Resource-Exhausted Cities Based on RS and GIS: a Case Study of Fuxin city China POSTER 2
190 Bin Wang, Hong Jiang, Jian Chen, Shuquan Yu, Zishan Jiang Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval in the Urban Agglomerations in the Yangtze Delta and its Adjacent Areas China POSTER 2
193 DAN Bo, DAN Shang-ming, XU Hui-xi, XUE Wan-rong, Wei Yi An Analysis of Urban Green Landscape Pattern in Chengdu City Based on CBERS/CCD China URS-3
194 LING Feng Super-resolution mapping of urban building with remote sensing imagery based on the prior shape information China URB-7
196 Mei Yang, ShixinWang, Yi Zhou, LitaoWang A Study of Urbanization in China Based on Regionalization Using DMSP/OLS Night Light Imagery China POSTER 1
198 Cai Wenting, Yu Jing The Urban Residential Construction Heating-loss Monitoring Research Based on ASTER China POSTER 2
199 Aymen Shabou, Giampaolo Ferraioli, Florence Tupin and Vito Pascazio Fast InSAR Multichannel Phase Unwrapping for DEM Generation France, Italy STUD-1
200 Xiao Xiang Zhu, Nico Adam, Richard Bamler Space-borne High Resolution SAR Tomography: 
Experiments in Urban Environment Using TerraSAR-X Data
Germany STUD-1
201 Wang Shanshan The Impacts of Urban Landscape Pattern on Urban Land Surface Temperature China POSTER 2
202 Yunfeng Hu, Yifang Ban, Qian Zhang, Jiyuan Liu The Trajectory of Urbanization Process in the Yangtze River Delta During 1990 to 2005 Sweden, China POSTER 2
205 Dongqian Zhou, Xiangnan Liu Evaluating the Ecological Functions of Urban Green Space System with Hyperspectral Data China POSTER 2
206 René Höfer, Ellen Banzhaf  & Hugo Romero Analysing dynamic parameters for urban heat stress incorporating the spatial  distribution of urban structure types Germany, Chile URS-8
209 Cai Yinqiao, Tong Xiaohua, Shu Rong Multi-scale Segmentation of Remote Sensing Image Based Watershed Transform China POSTER 1
211 WANG Wen-jie, ZHAO Zhong-ming, ZHU Hai-qing Object-oriented change detection method based on multi-scale and multi-feature fusion China POSTER 1
214 Meiling HUANG, Hong JIANG The Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of O3, UV-B and Aerosol in the Metropolitan Area of Yangtze Delta Using Remote Sensing China POSTER 2
216 Guillaume Fontanilles, Xavier Briottet, Sophie Fabre, Thierry Trémas and Patrice Henry Modelling of aggregation and disaggregation of optical properties and surface temperatures over urban area in infrared domain France URB-6
222 Bailang Yu, Hongxing Liu, and Jianping Wu An object-based two-stage method for a detailed classification of urban landscape components by integrating airborne LiDAR and color infrared image data: a case study of downtown Houston China, USA POSTER 1
227 HU Wei, LI Manchun, CHEN Zhenjie, TAN Lu, CAI Dong Research of Urban Space Expansion based on GIS and CA Model China POSTER 2
230 FEI Xian-yun, GAO Xiang-wei, ZHANG Zhi-guo Park site selection based on RS and GIS ---a case study of Zaozhuang in Shandong province China POSTER 2
231 Qin Dai, Jianbo Liu  ACO algorithm processing Multisensor data for urban land cover China URB-7
235 Keqi Zhang Automatic 3D building Reconstruction from Airborne LIDAR Measurements USA URB-4
236 Jian Wang, Peijun Du Steerable Wavelet Based Fusion Model for High-resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery Information Enhancement China POSTER 1
237 Haixia He ,Bing Zhang,Wenjuan Zhang,Ru Li, Xue Liu Temperature and emissivity separation from ASTER data based on the urban land cover classification China POSTER 2
243 HE Bing, TONG Xiao-hua The application of 3S technology in real estate dynamic monitoring based on PDA platform China POSTER 2
245 TAN Lu, LI Man-chun, LIU Yong-xue, WEI Wei, HU Wei Study of Urban Expansion Simulation on the Condition of Ecological Environment Protection — A case study in Dianchi Basin in Kunming China POSTER 2
247 YIN Chang-ying, LUO Ge-ping, LU Lei, ZHOU Xiao-ming Relationship between Nature Vegetation Change and Urban Development and Growth in China China POSTER 2
248 CAI Dong, LI Man-chun, CHEN Zhen-jie, LI Fei-xue, WEI Wei A Method of Division of Urban Fringe Based on Message Entropy ----A case study in Nanjing City China POSTER 2
257 CHANG Liang, HE Xiufeng InSAR interferogram detail-compensating filtering method base on the stationary wavelet transform China POSTER 1
259 Xing Pan, Ximin Cui, Yonghong Zhang,Debao Yuan The Feature Extraction of Remote Sensing Imagery of Land Use Base on the Method of Fractal Geometry China POSTER 2
260 M. Wurm, H. Taubenböck, A. Roth, & S. Dech Urban structuring using multisensoral remote sensing data Germany URS-2
263 Hao Zhang Bing Zhang Junsheng Li On-flight Calibration and Atmospheric Correction over City Water for Wide Field-of-view Hyperspctral Imager China POSTER 2
265 Tao Gang, Chi Tianhe Fractal Cities Study Base on Remote Sensing Imagery —Take Huai’an, Jiangsu Province for example China POSTER 1
266 CHEN J ie-li, LI M an-chun, LIU Y ong-xue, LIU C heng-ming, ZHANG Y u Driving Forces Analysis of Land Use Change/Cover in Hilly Area of Western Zhejiang Proince: A Case Study in Chun’an County China POSTER 2
267 Qian Shen, Bing Zhang, Junsheng Li Monitoring water quality of urban water supply sources  using optical remote sensing China POSTER 2
268 Le Wang Improving Small Area Population Estimation with High Resolution Remote Sensing USA URB-2
271 ZHENG De-hua, XU Jia Generation Method of Normal Vector from Disordered Point Cloud China POSTER 1
272 Chen Xuexing, Zhang Mingbo, Meng Wenli, Pang Lei Potential and Status of High-resolution Remote Sensing Information Applied in Urban Planning in China China POSTER 2
273 Jorge Hernández and Beatriz Marcotegui Point Cloud Segmentation towards Urban Ground Modeling France POSTER 1
274 TAO Shu, HU Deyong, YE Zhiwei Imaging Mechanism of Underlying Surface on Urban Area and Land Cover Information Extraction China URB-7
276 TANG Xiao-lu, SHENG Li, JIN Xiao-bin, ZHOU Yin-kang Study on the Comprehensive Management of the Lower Yangtze River Urban on Water Quality Using MODIS China POSTER 2
279 Shanshan Li, Huili Gong, Wenji Zhao Research on Beijing Urban Heat Island and PM10 in the Air China POSTER 2
280 ZHANG Hongsheng, LI Yan Urban information extraction for remote sensing images considering the human cognitive characteristics – a case study of Guangzhou China URB-7
284 Lin sun, Qinhuo Liu, Liangfu Chen, Qiang Liu Algorithm of Urban Aerosols retrieving with HJ-1 high-spectral imaging spectrometer China POSTER 2
286 Dan Meng, Huili Gong, Xiaojuan Li, Wenji Zhao, Zhaoning Gong, Lin Zhu, Deyong Hu Study of Urban Heat Island Based on Remote Sensing in Beijing-Capital Zone China POSTER 2
288 SUN Xiao-gu, LI Man-chun, LIU Yong-xue, LIU Wei, Tan Lu Accelerated Segmentation Approach with CUDA for High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery Based on Improved Mean Shift China STUD-1
293 Hong Chi, Guoqing Sun, Feilong Ling Urban dynamic change detection using interferometric SAR in SoutheastERN China China, USA URB-3
296 Y.Cheng HUANG, Pingxiang LI, Liangpei ZHANG, Y. Zhong, Xin Huang Urban Land Cover Mapping by Spatial-Spectral Feature Analysis of High Resolution Hyperspectral Data with Pairwise Decision Tree SVM China POSTER 1
297 Pei Liang, Yan Chunyu Study on classification of mixed pixel of remote sensing image based on fuzzy theory China POSTER 1
299 Du Xin, Wu Bingfang, Li Qiangzi, Meng Jihua Aerosol monitoring in Beijing around Olympics from MODIS data China URS-1
300 Shilai Cheng, Hui Lin, Liming Jiang, Fulong Chen,Qing Zhao GPS water vapor retrieval on SAR interferometry atmospheric mitigation in HK reclaimed land subsidence monitoring Hong Kong POSTER 1
302 ZHANG Xin-le, ZHANG Shu-wen, LI Ying, ZHANG Yuan-Zhi, LIU Huan-jun Evaluation of Regional Urbanization Level from Remote Sensing Data: a case study in Liaoning Province, Northeast China China POSTER 2
303 Jiaxiang Feng, Ruofei Zhong Coordinate Transformation in Vehicle-borne Laser Scanning and Mapping System China URB-4
309 Ma Baodong, Wu Lixin Analysis to Shenyang Urban Expansion by Using Multi-source Remote Sensing Images China POSTER 1
311 D. Tuia, G. Camps Cluster Kernels for Semisupervised Classification of VHR Urban Images Switzerland, Spain STUD-1
314 LiangLiang He, Ivan Laptev Robust Change Detection in Dense Urban Areas via SVM Classifier China, France POSTER 1
315 Weixi Wang, Qing Zhu, Jingxue Wang, Guangtong Sun Noise Reduction and Modeling Methods of TLS Point Cloud Based on R-tree China POSTER 1
316 Jingxue Wang, Weidong Song, Weixi Wang Object-Oriented Feature Extraction and Matching of Multiple Close Range Digital Images China POSTER 1
318 Cao Yang, Song Weidong Research on RSDOM and DLG Quality Mutual Check and Evaluation Technique China POSTER 1
321 YANG Jian, ZHAO Zhongming A Remote Sensing Imagery Automatic Feature Registration Method Based On Mean-Shift Segmentation China POSTER 1
322 Liu Shining Construction of Geographic Information Network Sharing Framework China POSTER 1
324 GAO Yu-ling, XIA Li-hua, HUANG Jing Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth by Contrast Reduction Algorithm in Pearl River Delta China POSTER 2
325 LIU Yang, DU Ming-yi Design and Implementation and of Urban Road Surface facilities Management System based on Mobile Mapping System China POSTER 1
327 Miaomiao Xie, Yanglin Wang, Guicai Li, Jiansheng Wu Dynamic and causative factors of urban heat centers based on local spatial autocorrelation analysis: a case study in Shenzhen (1986-2005) China POSTER 2
328 Shaoxing Hu, Aiwu Zhang, Xu Tao 3D LASER Omnimapping System for 3d Reconstucton of large-scale scenes China POSTER 1
331 HUANG Jing, XIA Li-hua, GAO Yu-ling Remote sensing monitoring and research on photochemical pollution caused by Ash haze in Guangzhou China POSTER 2
333 LIU Ze, MAO Feng, ZHOU Wensheng, LI Qiang Extraction of urban features from high resolution remote sensing data based on multiscale segmentation China POSTER 2
334 Fabio Pacifici, Fabio Del Frate Pulse Coupled Neural Networks for Automatic Change Detection in Very High Resolution Images Italy STUD-1
335 Yuchu Qin, Håkan Wiman A Wavelet Based Format for Compression, Access and Analysis of LIDAR Point Clouds Sweden POSTER-2
336 YANG Fan, HU Zhenqi, MA Guichen, JING Xiaoguang, QIN Zhenzhen The application of Remote sensing technology in Environmental Monitoring of mining city China POSTER 2
337 Ying Lin, Yun Yang, Xiaofang Wang Non-parametric Multiple Level Set Model for Efficient Image Classification in Urban Areas China URB-8
338 Yu Wenshuai, Yu Xuchu, Zhou Jun Automatic Detection and Tracking of Vehicles Using Geospatial Video Surveillance Networks China POSTER 1
340 Shijie LIU, Xiaohua TONG Land Use Mapping in Shanghai with Single QuickBird Basic Imagery China URB-5
342 P. Gamba, M. Aldrighi, M. Stasolla A detailed comparison between two fast approaches to urban extent extraction in VHR SAR images Italy URB-2
343 P. Gamba, F. Dell'Acqua, G. Lisini BREC: the Built-up area RECognition tool Italy URB-8
344 LI Xin-zhi, WANG Ping Application of SPOT-5 Data Fusion on Investigating Mining Area Ecological Environmental China POSTER 2
355 T. Van de Voorde, J. van der Kwast, F. Canters, M. Binard, Y. Cornet, G. Engelen Quantifying intra-urban morphology of the Greater Dublin area with spatial metrics derived from medium resolution remote sensing data  Belgium POSTER 1
356 J. van der Kwast, T. Van de Voorde, F. Canters, I. Uljee, G. Engelen & C. Lavalle Using remote sensing derived spatial metrics for the calibration of land-use change models Belgium URS-3
357 CHEN Ying-biao  Zhou Qianyi  Qian Qing-lan The Spatial Distribution Analysis of Urban Green Land in Huadu District of Guangzhou City based on RS and GIS China URS-3
358 George Xian, Collin Homer Monitoring Urban Land Cover Change Through Updating the National Land Cover Database Impervious Surface Products USA URB-3
362 Jie ZHANG, Jianzhong SUN, Feng XU Shanghai Human Settlement Information Platform Based on RS and SIG China POSTER 2
364 Lv Yang, Sun Lin Extracting Impervious Surface Distribution and Changing Information of Shenyang China POSTER 1
365 DENG Biao, GUO Huadong, WANG Changlin, NIE Yueping The Utilization of SAR Remote Sensing and GIS Technology to Delineate Urban Boundaries in North China China POSTER 1
366 Annemarie Ebert, Ellen Banzhaf, James McPhee The influence of urban expansion on the flood hazard in Santiago de Chile.  A modelling approach Germany, Chile URS-2
368 Pan Qiang,  Sun Jianzhong, Ni Liping,  Zhangjie, The Remote Sensing Monitoring and Analysis of River System in Pudong New District of Shanghai China POSTER 2
372 Wen Yang, Tongyuan Zou, Dengxin Dai, Yongmin Shuai Supervised Land-cover Classification of TerraSAR-X Imagery over Urban Areas Using Randomized Clustering Forests China POSTER 1
373 He Yang, Qian Du Comparison of Supervised, Semi-Supervised, and Unsupervised Classification for Urban Hyperspectral Imagery with High Resolution USA POSTER 1
375 Su Yao-ming, Zhu Lin, Gong Hui-li, Zhao Wen-ji Distribution and Formation Mechanism Analysis of Ground Fissures in Shunyi County, Beijing China POSTER-2
378 YANG Kang, LI Man-chun, CHEN Zhen-jie, LIAO Qi Urban Air Pollution Study Based on GIS China URS-1
383 Wen-Qin Wang, Qicong Peng, Jingye Cai, Lin Wan Near-Space Remote Sensing for Human Settlement Applications: Possibility Analysis China POSTER 1
384 Mei Zhoua, Bing Xia, Guozhong Su, Lingli Tang, Chuanrong Li A Classification Method for Building Detection Based on LiDAR Point Clouds China POSTER 1
386 Guoqing Zhou and Zezhong Zheng Survey and Analysis of Land Satellite Remote Sensing Applied in Highway Transportations Infrastructure and System Engineering USA POSTER 2
387 Wang zhi-jie, Wu dong, Wang qing The Spatial Data Acquisition of Digital Urban Management Using RS, GIS and GPS Technology China POSTER 2
389 Jia Wei-jie,  Zhang Ji-xian, Yang Jing-hui Automatic Registration of SAR and Optics Image Based on multi-features on Suburban areas China POSTER 1
390 Xiaojun Yang Landscape Pattern Impacts on Coastal Water Quality in A Urban Watershed USA POSTER 2
393 Jian Zhang, Lijie Pu, Zhongren Peng, Buzhuo Peng The Response of Soil Characteristics on Urban Land-use Expansion during Rapid Economic Development and Urbanization of the City in China China, USA POSTER 2
395 XIAN Wei, SHAO Huaiyong, ZHOU Wancun, YANG Wunian, ZHOU Jieming,Huang Jie Eco-security Evaluation in Panxi Mining Concentrated Area China POSTER 2
398 Dongping Li Trends of GIS Development And Technique for Digitalized Earthquake Disater Relief China POSTER 1
399 LI Xiaojuan, XU Hui, LIAN Jian, GONG Huili, SUN Yonghua Spatial and temporal Analysis for Urban and Rural Construction Land Use of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolis Circle China URS-2
402 JinLiang Wang, XiaoHua Wang Information Extraction of Building Height and Density Based on QuickBird Image in Kunming, China China POSTER 1
404 Qing Zhao, Hui Lin, Liming Jiang, Fulong Chen, Shilai Cheng Distribution of Active Ground Deformation Zones in Guangzhou Derived from ASAR Images Hong Kong POSTER 1
407 Hui Long, Kun Fu, Chuanzhao Han An Automatic Method on Detecting Image Control Points from SAR Imagery Based on Optical Image Patches China POSTER 1
410 Han Liu-sheng, Sun Lin The Precise Monitoring of Beijing Thermal China URS-8
411 DENG Shan-shan, XIA Li-hua Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Urban Land Cover and landscape patternA Case Study of NanHai city China URS-4
413 Thoreau Rory Tooke, Nicholas C. Coops, James A. Voogt Assessment of Urban Tree Shade Using Fused LIDAR and High Spatial Resolution Imagery Canada URB-9
414 Koel Roychowdhury, Simon Jones, Colin Arrowsmith Assessing the utility of DMSP/OLS night-time images for characterizing Indian Urbanization Australia POSTER 2
417 Gao Zhihong, Zhang Lu, Liao Mingsheng, Jiang Liming Estimating Urban Impervious Surface Percentage Based on Multi-source Remote Sensing Data China POSTER 1
419 Zhou Wei, Li Zhizhong, Liu Shunxi, Zhou Lianfang, Bai Zhongke Land Cover Classification of CBERS-02 Image Based on Objects-oriented -a Case Study in Yixing, Jiangsu Province China URB-8
422 Hangbin Wu,  Chun Liu, Yunling Zhang Water Feature Information Extraction from Aerial-Image Fused With LIDAR Data China STUD-2
424 SHAO Huaiyong, XIAN Wei, YANG Wunian, Huang Jie Ecological Environment Quality Evaluation in Mining City -A Case of Panzhihua China POSTER 2
425 Shanshan Li,Bing Zhang, Lianru Gao, Xu Sun Small objects detection of hyperspectral image in urban areas China POSTER 1
428 LI Qingting, LIU Xue, TONG Qingxi, ZHANG Bing, FANG Junyong The Application of Multi-mode Airborne Digital Camera (MADC) in Digital City China POSTER 1
432 Qiao Zhuping. Zhang Zengxiang, Liu Fang , Yi Ling Landscape Ecological Effect Analysis of Land Use Change in Datong City Using Remote Sensing China POSTER 2
433 LU Yili  SUN Jia  Feng Xuezhi  SHEN Chenglei Study on Urban Heat Island in Summer of Nanjing Based on TM Data China URS-8
434 YANG Cheng-sheng, ZHANG Qin, ZHAO Chao-ying, QU Wei, JI Ling-yun, ZHANG Jing Surface Subsidence and Ground Fissures Activity Monitoring Based on D-InSARA Case of Datong City China URS-5
435 Fengming Xi, Hong S He, Yuanman Hu, Xiaoqing Wu, Rencang Bu, Yu Chang, Miao Liu Simulate urban growth based on RS, GIS, and SLEUTH model in Shenyang-Fushun metropolitan area northeastern China China STUD-2
437 Wenjuan Zhang, Bing Zhang, Wei Zhang Analysis the Effect of the Spectral Resolution Character of HJY20-1-A on Urban Green Land Application China POSTER 1
439 Gu Haiyan Object-oriented classification method for urban building extraction from High Resolution aerial imagery and LIDAR data China POSTER 2
440 Liu Fang, Zhang Zengxiang, Qiao Zhuping, Wang Xiao, Dong Tingting Urban Expansion and Evolution Forecast in Jinan City Based on Remote Sensing and GIS Technology China URS-4
442 ZENG Qihong   LI Xianhua Building Extraction from Airborne LIDAR Point Cloud China POSTER 1
443 Shi Yuanli, Li Haitao, Sun Lin, Huang Kunxue The BRDF Model Based on Symmetrical Columniation Structure for Urban Areas China POSTER 1
445 SHEN Chenglei, LI Manchun, LI Feixue, LU Yili, JIANG Chongya Study on Shadow Detection and Removal for High-Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images China POSTER 1
447 Xiankun Yang, Weihong Cui Assessment of Accuracy for Urban Classified Raster Map Analysis China POSTER 1
448 Fengrui Chen, Weihong Cui Multiscale Image Analysis Method for Urban Applications China URB-8
450 Du Bo, Zhang Liangpei, Li Pingxiang, Zhong Yanfei A Target Detection Algorithm for Urban Areas Using High Spatial Resolution Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery China POSTER 1
452 MA Ya,KUANG Yao-qiu,HUANG Ning-sheng,WANG Tian-xing Numerical study of urban expansion and its influence on urban environment using Landsat TM/ETM+ images China URS-4
454 Shufang Tian,Zhenhua Zhang Housing Loss Estimation Study of Urban Debris Flow Disaster Based on SPOT-5 Data ——A Case Study on Dongchuan District,Kunming,Yunnan Province China POSTER 2
455 Jianzhong, SUN Cities Remote Sensing, Urban and Countryside  Development China POSTER 2
459 Qian Zhang, Yifang Ban, Jiyuan Liu The trajectories of industrial land DEVELOPMENT in Shanghai, China in the past 30 years Sweden, China URS-2
460 Mei Yang, ShixinWang, Yi Zhouì, LitaoWang Population Spatialization in Gansu  Province Based on RS and GIS China POSTER 2
462 Baoming Tong, Tian Chen, Qian Xu, Lingjun Li Study on Temporal-Spatial Variation of Water Quality in Urban Area River System and Driving Force —A Case Study on North Canal river system of Beijing China POSTER 2
463 Haixia Liu, Xia Zhang Comparison of Data Fusion Techniques for Beijing-1 Micro-Satellite Images China POSTER 1
464 Yuan Feng, Zhang Ji-xian, Zhang Li, Gao Jing-xiang Urban DEM Generation from Airborne Lidar Data China POSTER 1
469 Daniele EHRLICH, Martino PESARESI Spectral and structural derived settlement information from Quickbird and Ikonos satellite imagery over 10 cities Italy URB-2
472 Zhang Youjing, Chen Liang, He Chuan Estimating Urban Impervious Surfaces Using LS-SVM with Multi-scale Texture China URB-2
474 Liu Yi, Jiao lu, Weian Wang, Bo zheng Variable Shape Models For LS-based Automatic Building Extraction from VHR Satellite Imagery China POSTER 1
475 Bo Zheng, Jiao Lu, Weian Wang, Yi Liu A Method of Shape Based Multi-Sensor Image Registration China POSTER 1
478 WEN Chun-jing, ZHAO Shu-he A Method of Urban Change Detection Using High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Data China URB-3
479 Rong Liu,  Zuxun Zhang, Jianqing Zhang, Yufeng Zhu Automatic Extraction of Urban Road Network based on Remote Sensing Image China POSTER 1
484 LI Hui, XIAO Pengfeng, FENG Xuezhi, WEN Chunjing, JIANG Chongya Multiscale Features Detection of Multispectral Remotely Sensed Imagery in Wavelet Domain China POSTER 1
485 Liang Hong-you,Yang Lei-ku, Lu Xiao-ping, Liu Wen-kai Study on the Urbanization Area Expansion Monitoring of Jiaozuo Using Landsat Images China URS-4
486 Maik Netzband, Atiqur Rahman Identifying the Poor in the Cities - How can Remote Sensing help to profile poverty (slum dwellers) in the megacity of Delhi/India? China, USA URS-10
487 Yinghui Xiao, Qingming Zha A Review of Remote Sensing Application in Urban Planning and Management in China China POSTER 2
488 JI Qinga, YU Minga, ZHAN Chungui Study on Dynamical Monitoring of Heat Island Effect Based on MODIS Data in Coastal Cities of Southeast Fujian Province China STUD-2
489 Rui Sun, Yiluo Dang, Xia Zhang, Bo Hu Estimation of carbon dioxide emission in Beijing city China URS-1
491 LIN Wenpeng, HUANG Jingfeng, XIAO Ting, GAO Jun Inversion of Reflectance of Ground Object in Urban Areas Based on SPOT5 Dimap and Dark-object China URB-6
492 Fang Yuying, Du Peijun, Zhang Guangyun Hierarchical Urban Object Extraction from High Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery Based on Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine China POSTER 1
493 Lei Zhang, XiaoLi Ding, Zhong Lu and Guangcai Feng Ground settlement monitoring from temporarily persistent scatterers between two SAR acquisitions Hong Kong POSTER 1
495 Zhang Wei and Du Peijun Multiple Classifiers Combination for Urban Land Cover Classification Using Remotely Sensed Data China POSTER 1
498 Qian Lexiang, Cui Haishan, Feng Yanfen Extraction of Impervious Surface Based on the Standardized Ratio Model China POSTER 1
499 Yao Lu and Jonathan Li Automated Shoreline Extraction of Urban Areas from IKONOS Imagery Using an Object-oriented Approach Canada POSTER 1
500 Weian Wang, Jiao Lu, Liu yi,  Bo Zheng A Method of Deriving Features of Building from LIDAR Point Clouds in Urban Area China POSTER 1
502 Liu Pei, Du Peijun Evaluation of Urban Heat Environment Using Multi-algorithm and Multi-scale Images   POSTER 1
505 Shalei Song, Pingxiang Li, Wei Gong, Bo Zhu, Lilei Li New multispectral lidar system for urban observation China URB-6
506 Li Xiaodong, Zhu Yanling, Dai Xiaoyan, Guo Zhongyang An application of comprehensive water index and decision tree in water information extraction in urban area China POSTER 1
508 Wen Liu, Fumio Yamazaki Speed detection of moving vehicles from one scene of QuickBird images Japan URB-1
510 Ye Tiana, Haitao Li, Xiangguo Lin Road Tracking by Circular Template Matching from High Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery China POSTER 1
512 Liu Guang,  Guo Huadong, Fan jinghui, Guo Xiaofang, Yue Huanyin, Linlin Ge Mining area subsidence monitoring using Multi-band SAR data China URS-5
516 GAO Xiang-wei ,FEI Xian-yun, XIE Hong-quan, LU Xia The study of landscape pattern evaluation based on high spatial resolution images China URS-3
518 Ping Wang, Shaofeng Liu, QingXing Wu Ground subsidence detection and measurement with SAR interferometry in Jiaozuo City, China China POSTER 2
520 Pengfeng XIAO, Xuezhi FENG, Hui LI Multispectral remotely sensed imagery segmentation based on first fundamental form China POSTER 2
521 Hua Cui   Lu Yuan Study on Thermal Environmental Distribution in Coastal City  Using ASTER Data China URS-8
525 Cui Linlia, Shi Jun, Zhou Hongmei Remote sensing image-based analysis of the relationship between urban heat island and with various impact factors in Shanghai China URS-9
526 Zihan Hong, Shuang Xu, Jie Wang Extraction of urban street trees from high resolution remote sensing image China POSTER 1
527 JIANG Chongya, LI Manchun, LI Feixue, LI Hui, SHEN Chenglei Analysis of fractal dimension time series for the evolution of urban morphology and traffic network in Nanjing China URS-7
529 Guiping Wu, Xuezhi Feng, Yongnian Zeng, Pengfeng Xiao, Ke Wang Simulation and Analysis on the Land-use Pattern of Nanjing City Based on AutoLogistic Method China POSTER 2
531 ZHAO Quan-hua,SONG Wei-dong,Bao Yong Multi-scale uncertainty assessment for classification of remote sensing image China POSTER 1
533 Wei Yao, Stefan Hinz and Uwe Stilla Object extraction based on 3d-segmentation of LiDAR data by combining mean shift and normalized cut: two examples from urban areas Germany STUD-1
534 Fuan Tsai, Liang-Chien Chen and Tea-Ann Teo Construction and Visualization of Photo-Realistic Three-Dimensional Digital City China URB-4
537 Zhu Chunhua, Nie Yueping Study on the Effects of Grand Canal on City Pattern Change of Hangzhou based on Remote Sensing China URS-7
538 Anne Grote, Christian Heipke Road extraction in suburban areas by region-based road part extraction and assembling Germany URB-10
539 Ru LI, Jinsong CHEN, Xia ZANG,  Bing ZHANG,  Shenxiao WANG,  Hui LIN Research on Earthquake Damage Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Building Based on High Resolution Satellite Image: Application to Kunming, China China POSTER 1
540 Xue ZHANG, Xiao-hua TONG, Miao-long LIU An improved N-FINDR algorithm for endmember extraction in hyperspectral imagery China POSTER 1
541 Cunjian Yang, Jing-an Chen, Yang Zhan Comparision analysis of extracting urban green land from multi-resolution images in Chengdu city of P.R. of China China POSTER 1
542 Ting XIAO, Wen-peng LIN, Neng CHEN Inversion of leaf area index for invasive plant using ENVISAT ASAR China URS-5
543 Dengxin Dai, Wen Yang, Hong Sun Semantic Labeling of Urban Areas in Remote Sensing Imagery Using Multiple Exemplar-based Matching China POSTER 1
545 ZHANG Ning,WU Bingfang, ZHOU Yuemin, ZHU Jianjun 3D urban feature extracted using high-resolution aerial imagery: A case study on Wenchuan County China POSTER 1
546 Fan Wang, Xingmei Liu, Gendi Zhou Land Use/Land Cover Change in Hangzhou City, Southeast China China POSTER 2
547 Fan Wang, Xingmei Liu, Gendi Zho Urbanization Expansion of Hangzhou City and its Driving Mechanism China POSTER 2
548 Ludwig Hoegner, Uwe Stilla Thermal leakage detection on building facades using automated extracted IR textures Germany URB-9
550 Juha Hyyppä, Anttoni Jaakkola, Antero Kukko, Lingli Zhu, Harri Kaartinen, Leena Matikainen, Ruizhi Chen, Yuwei Chen, Hannu Hyyppä, Petri Rönnholm, and Markus Holopainen Map Updating and Change Detection using Vehicle-Based Laser Scanning Finland URB-4
551 Ru LI, insong CHEN, Xia ZANG, Bing ZHANG,  Shenxiao WANG,  Hui LIN Extraction of two kind bare lands around cities and its significance to city development planning Hong Kong POSTER 2
552 Haixia He ,Bing Zhang,Xue Liu, Hao Zhang, Ru Li An Approach to Urban Surface Features Identification Using Pushbroom Hyperspectral Imager China POSTER 1
556 Xiangyong Shi, Xianhua Li, Wei Huang, Chengjian Zheng, Qingzhou Luo The Study of Atmospheric Path Radiation for Inhomogenous Atmosphere  on MODIS Remote Sensing Images China POSTER 1
557 Xirong Guo, Guangbin Ma, Wenyi Zhang Automatic urban remote sensing images registration based on road networks China URB-10
558 Lei Wang, Shuwen Zhang, Yunlong Yao, Jing Ning, Wenhui Kuang Assessing the impacts of landscape patterns on urban thermal environment based on RS and GIS ——A case study in Changchun City China URS-9
559 Mahamadou Idrissa and Vinciane Lacroix A Multiresolution-MRF Approach for Stereo Dense Disparity Estimation Belgium POSTER 1
560 LIANG Jian, LI Feixue Analysis and Simulation of the Micro-dynamic Mechanism of Urban Spatial Growth China POSTER 2
561 LI Feixue  LI Manchun  LIANG Jian  LIU Yongxue  CHEN Zhenjie Spatio-temporal Geo-Informatic Tupu for urban land use change ——a case study of Nanjing City China POSTER 2
562 Paolo Villa, Mirco Boschetti Mid-resolution multi-temporal mapping of urban areas through a hybrid approach: a case study for Milan province, Italy Italy POSTER 1
563 Shuang Xu, Jie Wang, Zihan Hong, Pengfeng Xiao Extraction of Architectural Information from Urban Green Space Based on High Resolution Remote Sensing Image China URS-3
565 Chen Wei, Chen Ruizhi, Chen Yuwei, Andrei Octavian, Kröger Tuomo, Wang Jianyu, Fu Zhongqia An Integrated GPS and Multi-Sensor Pedestrian Positioning System for 3D Urban Navigation China, Finland POSTER 1
566 Linoli Zhu, Juha Hyyppä, Antero Kukko, Anttoni Jaakkola, Ruizhi Chen  3D city model for mobile phone by using MMS data China, Finland POSTER 1
569 Yuwei Chen, Ruizhi Chen, Antero Kukko, Juha Hyyppa, Tuomo Kröger Pulsewidth Modulation Coding Approach for Multi-sensor Synchronization of Urban Mobile Mapping System China, Finland POSTER 1
573 Zhu Lin, Gong Huili, Li Xiaojuan, Jing Lingling, Jiang Jun, Su Yaoming Research on Evolution of land Subsidence induced by Nature and human activity by utilizing Remote Sensing technology China POSTER 2
574 TAN Lu, LI Man-chun, LIU Yong-xue, Sun Xiao-gu A Semi-automation road extraction Approach Based on Fast Marching Method and ISODATA Algorithm China POSTER 1
577 Yu Wenshuai, Yu Xuchu, Zhang Pengqiang, Tan Xiong Using of Geospatial Video Surveillance Networks for Urban Security and Emergency Applications China POSTER 2
578 Bao YongXU Ai-gongZHAO Quan-hua, Zhang Zhan-you Urban road network extraction based on multi-resolution template matching and double-snake model China POSTER 1
579 WANG Huaibao , ZHAO He Application of CBERS Imagery for Urban Growth monitoring China POSTER 1
580 Ying Lin, Yun Yang, Xiaofang Wang Object-based Level Set Model for Man-made Target Detection in Urban Area China POSTER 1
584 Jie Wang, Zihan Hong, Shuang Xu Extraction of urban green space in shadow area from IKONOS image China POSTER 1
588 ZENG Zhong-ping1  MA Yan-ling1   MA Hong-chao2  LU Xinhai Spatial Distribution and Changes Characteristics of Urban Wetlands Shape and Driving Force analysis Using Fractal Dimension in Wuhan City, China China POSTER 2
590 LI Chun-jing, Xu-da The study on methods of fusion and  classification based on spot5 
image in the ZhongShan Cemetery
China POSTER 1
592 HOU Peng,   JIANG Weiguo, LI Jing, CHEN Yunhao Effect of Urban Thermal Characteristics on Wetlands Based on Remote Sensing and GIS China POSTER 2
598 Zhu Liang, WU Bing-fang, ZhouYue-min, Zhang Ning Object-oriented Land Cover Information Extraction in Emigration Area of Zigui County Using High Resolution Imagery China URS-7
600 Antero Kukko, Anttoni Jaakkola, Matti Lehtomäki, Yuwei Chen, Harri Kaartinen Mobile mapping system and computing methods for modelling of road environment Finland POSTER 1
604 LIU Xue, HE Haixia, LI Qingting, FANG Junyong, TONG Qingxi, ZHENG Lanfen The Mapping and Application of City Ortho-image with Multi-mode Airborne Digital Camera China POSTER 1
607 Lin Yao-yu, Dong Jing-jing RS and Urban Heat Island: from Ecological Health to Public Health China POSTER 2
608 Lin Yao-yu, Zeng Xiang-kun, Zhang Hao-zhe UPS-P in China: the approach of practice to apply RS to urban planning and design China URS-7
611 Xiaosong Tu, Lije Pu, Jun Wu, Ming Zhu Spatio-temporal patterns of urban growth in the area around Taihu Lake, China China STUD-2
613 Hyeyoung Kim, Geunhan Kim and Chulmin Jun Comparing DBMS-based approaches for representing 3D building objects Korea POSTER 1
614 Wang Peng, Wu Bingfang, Zhou Yueming Zhang Lei Monitoring and estimating land use changes in three gorges reservoir area 
- take Fengjie county as an example
China URS-6
621 Zheng Cheng-jian,Li Xian-Hua,Huang-Wei,Shi Xiang-Yong Analysis on the Correlation of Atmospheric Path Radiation and Air Pollution Index China POSTER 2
622 Wang Yajuan, Meng Shuying, Chen Long Landuse status investigation and analysis by multi-information technology for the development area China POSTER 2
623 Wenhan Xie, Guoqing Zhou and Yucai Xue 3D Detailed Building Model Extraction for Urban Large-scale Orthorectification China, USA URB-4
624 ZHANG Li-Fang, PU Li-Jie, TU Xiao-Song Ecological-environment Effect During Urban Expansion in SuzhouChina China URS-6
626 Wei Xian-hu, Zhang Zeng-xiang, Liu Fanga, Qiao Zhu-pin Radiation effect of Urbanization on land use and landscape pattern in Beijing China URS-7
629 Hongchun Peng, Haiying Li Application Study of Urban Heat Island Effect in the Northwestern City Based on MODIS China URS-9
631 Fengming Xi, Hong S He, Yuanman Hu, Xiaoqing WuRencang Bu Urban spatiotemporal succession in Shenyang city northeastern China China, USA POSTER 2
635 Xu jinyong, Zhang zenxiang, Wang changyou, Zhao xiaoli, Liu bing Urban expansion monitoring and driving force analysis Take the Jiangsu Province for example China POSTER 2
639 ZHANG Ning,WU Bingfang, ZHOU Yuemin, ZHU Jianjun 3D urban feature extracted using high-resolution aerial imagery: A case study on Wenchuan County China POSTER 1
644 Tao Zhou, Yunpeng Wang, Fang Wang A dynamic assessment of Ecological Footprint and Ecological Capacity in Guangzhou city using RS and GIS China URS-5
649 Xiaofeng Zhao, Quanyi Qiu Spectral Mixture Analysis of Land Surface Composition in a Costal City based on the V-I-S Model China POSTER 1
651 Wang Tianxing; Yan Guangjian; Mu Xihan; Ren Huazhong Quantitative analyses of the relationship between urban thermal features and biophysical parameters China URS-9
665 Xiaojun Yang Socio-Economic Conditions and Accessibility as Determinants of Spatio-Temporal Landscape Patterns in A Coastal Urban Area USA URS-10
666 Fumio Yamazaki, Ayana Murakoshi, Nami Sekiya Observation of Urban Heat Island using Airborne Thermal Sensors Japan POSTER 2
669 Zhihua Wang , Xu Qide, Yang Rihoang Landslides Distribution and Geological Environmental in main towns of Three Gorge China POSTER 2
675 ZHANG Yin-hui, ZHAO Wen-wu Monitoring Urban Expansion Using GIS and RS: a Case Study in Ji’nan City, Shandong Province of China China URS-6
677 Guoyuan Li, Guozhong Su Airborne Laser Scanner Point Clouds Strip adjustment aided by Photogrammetry China POSTER 1
678 BAI Jie, CHEN Xin, YANG Liao Study on Spatio-Temporal Changes of Land-use and Environmental at Arid Oasis City Based on Remote Sensing China URS-4
681 Wang Weian, Qiao Gang Geometric Processing of QuickBird Stereo Imagery with High Building Data in Megapolis China URS-6
683 Shuang Xu, Jie Wang, Zihan Hong, Pengfeng Xiao Extraction of Architectural Information from Urban Green Space Based on High Resolution Remote Sensing Image China POSTER 2
685 Q. Weng Remote Sensing of Impervious Surfaces in the Urban Areas: from Pixel, Sub-Pixel, Object, to Human Intelligence USA URB-6
686 Diego Polli, Fabio Dell'Acqua, Paolo Gamba, Santo Clemenzi Low-resolution urban area outlining in satellite SAR images Italy POSTER 2
687 Yansheng Dong, Deyong Yu, Yaozhong Pan Research on Earthquake Damage Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Building Based on High Resolution Satellite Image: Application to Kunming, China China POSTER 2
688 ZHOU Li, JIANG Ting-chen, LU Xia Research on atmosphere parameter model of Heat Island Effect in City based on CORS China URS-1
692 C. Bassani, R. M. Cavalli, G. Laneve, F. Santini  
and S. Pignatti 
Airborne emissivity data to map the urban materials to be checked for maintenance: the asphalt paving and asbestos cement roofing case studies Italy URB-6
694 Zhou li-guo, Feng Xue-zhi, Xiao Peng-feng, Ye Sheng, Wan wei An Investigation of Urban Water Body Automatic Extraction in Frequency Domain from High Resolution SAR Images China URB-5
695 LONG Sichun, LI Tao, LIU Jingnan, XIA Ye Application Study of PS-DInSAR Technique Fusing Multi-metadata in Urban Ground Deformation Survey China URB-5
700 Franz Rottensteiner Status and further prospects of object extratcion from image and laser data Germany URB-4
701 Massimiliano Aldrighi, Fabio Dell'Acqua, Gianni Lisini Tile mapping of urban area extent in VHR SAR images Italy POSTER 1