Abstracts submitted to the Student Special Session

The following table lists the full papers submitted for consideration in the Student Special Session. Abstracts that were not followed by the full paper were moved to the general submission and their evaluation is available here. The papers listed here in he following have been either accepted for the Student Special sessions (STUD-1 and STUD-2) or moved to a general session (URB-5) or to a poster session (POSTER-2). The authors of the 10 papers selected for the Student Special Session MUST contact the email address urban2009_stud-at-unipv.it in the week AFTER January 31st for instructions.

Paper n. Authors Title Country Session
435 Fengming Xi, Hong S He, Yuanman Hu, Xiaoqing WuRencang Bu, Yu Chang, Miao Liu Simulate urban growth based on RS, GIS, and SLEUTH model in Shenyang-Fushun metropolitan area northeastern China China STUD-2
488 JI Qinga, YU Minga, ZHAN Chungui Study on Dynamical Monitoring of Heat Island Effect Based on MODIS Data in Coastal Cities of Southeast Fujian Province China STUD-2
422 Hangbin Wu, Chun Liu, Yunling Zhang Water Feature Information Extraction from Aerial-Image Fused With LIDAR Data China STUD-2
611 Xiaosong Tu, Lije Pu, Jun Wu, Ming Zhu Spatio-temporal patterns of urban growth in the area around Taihu Lake, China China STUD-2
334 Fabio Pacifici, Fabio Del Frate Pulse Coupled Neural Networks for Automatic Change Detection in Very High Resolution Images Italy STUD-1
533 Wei Yao, Stefan Hinz and Uwe Stilla Object extraction based on 3d-segmentation of LiDAR data by combining mean shift and normalized cut: two examples from urban areas Germany STUD-1
311 D. Tuia, G. Camps Cluster Kernels for Semisupervised Classification of VHR Urban Images Switzerland, Spain STUD-1
200 Xiao Xiang Zhu, Nico Adam, Richard Bamler Space-borne High Resolution SAR Tomography:
Experiments in Urban Environment Using TerraSAR-X Data
Germany STUD-1
199 Aymen Shabou, Giampaolo Ferraioli, Florence Tupin and Vito Pascazio Fast InSAR Multichannel Phase Unwrapping for DEM Generation France, Italy STUD-1
288 SUN Xiao-gu, LI Man-chun, LIU Yong-xue, LIU Wei, Tan Lu Accelerated Segmentation Approach with CUDA for High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery Based on Improved Mean Shift China STUD-1
375 Su Yao-ming, Zhu Lin, Gong Hui-li, Zhao Wen-ji Distribution and Formation Mechanism Analysis of Ground Fissures in Shunyi County, Beijing China POSTER-2
92 Huifang Zhang, Runhe Shi, Honglin Zhong, Peiqing Qu, Sun Juan Improvement of MODIS 8-Day LAI/FPAR Product with Temporal Filters to Generate High Quality Time-series Product China POSTER-2
335 Yuchu Qin, Håkan Wiman A Wavelet Based Format for Compression, Access and Analysis of LIDAR Point Clouds Sweden POSTER-2
694 Zhou li-guo, Feng Xue-zhi, Xiao Peng-feng, Ye Sheng, Wan wei An Investigation of Urban Water Body Automatic Extraction in Frequency Domain from High Resolution SAR Images China URB-5
695 LONG Sichun, LI Tao, LIU Jingnan, XIA Ye Application Study of PS-DInSAR Technique Fusing Multi-metadata in Urban Ground Deformation Survey China URB-5
340 Shijie LIU, Xiaohua TONG Land Use Mapping in Shanghai with Single QuickBird Basic Imagery China URB-5
111 Jianbo Hu, Wei Chen, Xiaoyu Li ,Xingyuan He A haze removal module for mutlispectral satellite imagery China URB-5